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T.J. Miller tells Jimmy Kimmel why he left “Silicon Valley”

By Joel Pace

T.J. Miller visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and the comedian opened up on his recent exit from HBO comedy Silicon Valley

Miller, a series regular from the show’s first episode (alongside Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, and Thomas Middleditch), was written out during last month’s season finale, a fairly surprising move that left many fans confused. 

But Miller seems more than okay with his decision to leave Silicon Valley, explaining to Kimmel: “An organic out arose. They had a cliffhanger and I thought it would be funny just to exit… It’s hard. You do a television show, it’s very lucky, it’s such a great show … it’s only gonna become better with me not on it because it has to change, it has to grow, there’s something dynamic that has to happen.”

Beyond all that, Miller admits, he was just tired of the cable show’s rigorous shooting schedule. He recently relocated from Los Angeles to New York, which makes filming on the West Coast more difficult — and he’d rather be spending time with his family than waiting around on set, anyways. 

Plus, Miller says, between the movie and his recently freed up schedule, he’s able to dive back into stand-up. “There’s a lot more stage time when I’m in New York. When I’m in Los Angeles, I do 2-4 sets, possibly. In New York, I do 6-10 sets in one night.”

Miller also told Kimmel all about why he chose to do The Emoji Movie (which hits theaters July 28th), and also, how he ended up wearing such a sassy outfit on the show.



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