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Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura go head to head while playing truth or dare while eating hot wings

04/23/2019 16:48:12 PM

Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura are best friends in real life. For anyone that follows them in their podcasting or social life knows they’re already competing against each other in ridiculous challenges like exercise and weight loss. The two are fans of the First We Feast web series, “Hot Ones” and have appeared on the show separately over the years. This week, just for fun the duo just appeared on Hot Ones’ “Truth or Dab” competition where they played a round of truth or dare where they had to spill their darkest secrets (truth) or eat an extremely hot wing (dare).


Comedians Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura—a.k.a., Burnt Chrysler and Drip Daddy Dollaz—have two simple choices in this Hot Ones spinoff: Tell the truth, or suffer the pain of the Last Dab. Watch as host Sean Evans drills the comedy BFFs with high-stakes questions about everything from comics who crib jokes, to which standup had the worst Netflix special of the year. The only way to escape the truth is to eat an incredibly spicy wing.


NBC to Air Comedy Competition Series ‘Bring the Funny’

03/06/2019 13:22:25 PM

NBC to Air Comedy Competition Series ‘Bring the Funny’

Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigen, Jeff Foxworthy to judge

Feb 1, 2019

kenan t

NBC will air the comedy competition series Bring the Funny. The network is on board for ten episodes. The judges are Kenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live, model Chrissy Teigen and comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Comedian Amanda Seales hosts.

The show will feature stand-ups, sketch troupes and variety acts. According to NBC, “The series will feature the world’s best comedic acts and, for the first time on television, embrace every style of comedy performance in one competition.”

The winner takes home $250,000.

“Great comedians know how to make us laugh while serving as a reflection of the times, and we are excited to embrace and support the myriad of ways funny people bring us levity and humor today,” said Meredith Ahr, president, Alternative and Reality Group, NBC Entertainment. “Kenan, Chrissy, Jeff and Amanda are not only hilarious, but are pioneers in their respective arenas and understand what it takes to have longevity and breadth in this industry. They, along with our partners at Just for Laughs, will be an insightful resource for the talent that takes our stage.”

Those looking to compete can visit

David Friedman and Matilda Zoltowski will executive produce. Just for Laughs President Bruce Hills is consulting producer.

Universal Television Alternative Studio produces the show. 


After years in Vegas, veteran comedian Rita Rudner is back on the club stage

02/14/2019 11:46:54 AM

After years in Vegas, veteran comedian Rita Rudner is back on the club stage. 


Image result for rita rudner

Rita Rudner takes a break from Vegas and hits the road. Next stop: Charlotte’s The Comedy Zone on Tuesday night. COURTESY OF RITA RUDNER


First annual “Caddyshack” festival to debut next summer, so we got that going for us!

11/20/2018 15:00:31 PM

First annual “Caddyshack” festival to debut next summer, so we got that going for us!



Hey everybody! We’re all gonna get laid!

This is the most important news you will hear all day! A festival dedicated to the all-time classic film, Caddyshack will take place next summer. So you have a little over a half a year before you get your Cinderella story.

The festival will be put on by Will Russell, the man who helped co-found Lebowski Fest, a festival and bowling event based off the cult film, The Big Lebowski that’s occurred since 2002. “We drove out to this golf course in Louisville, and this place is perfect,” Russell stated, “I think it’s going to be a huge hit.” Russell has the goal of getting cast members to arrive at the festival, just like Lebowski Fest drew in those actors.

The first annual Caddyshack Fest will take place at a golf course in Louisville, KY and will be devoted to the celebration of the 1980 National Lampoon film that featured the creativity of not only comedic actors like Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight, and Rodney Dangerfield. But also utilized the behind-the-scenes talent like Harold Ramis, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Doug Kenny.

So far, it’s being reported that Caddyshack Fest will feature golf cart races, costume contests, and a dance party. A portion of the proceeds from the event will to to the Everything Will Be OK Projectwhich is a mental health non-profit.


Here’s to hoping Caddyshack Fest will be a huge success for Russell and his crew, at least get ya know, something for the effort.


ABC Buys Rural Comedy Starring Trae Crowder, Corey Forrester & Drew Morgan

11/16/2018 09:22:19 AM


ABC Buys Rural Comedy Starring Trae Crowder, Corey Forrester & Drew Morgan!

Trae Crowder Corey Forrester Drew Morgan

ABC has put in development a single-camera comedy starring, created and executive produced by Trae Crowder, known for his stage persona the Liberal Redneck, and his writing and comedy touring partners Corey Forrester and Drew Morgan. The project hails from Ruben Fleischer’s The District and ABC Studios where Fleischer is under a deal.


Written by Andrew Reich (Friends), Forrester, Morgan and Crowder, the untitled WellRED project is an ensemble comedy about three best friends in the rural south and the women in their lives.

Reich, Forrester, Morgan and Crowder executive produce with The District’s Fleischer and David Bernad. ABC Studios is the studio.


Crowder and his Liberal Redneck persona have been heavily pursued by the broadcast networks. This is the third consecutive season that a comedy project headlined by the comedian is being developed.  Last season, ABC gave a script commitment plus penalty to a single-camera comedy with Crowder, inspired by his life, and the season before that Fox developed another single-camera starring Crowder as his Liberal Redneck character.

The project fits into ABC’s efforts to develop more series that reflect the lives of blue-collar Americans who live between the coasts.

Crowder, Morgan and Forrester co-authored The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark, published in 2016 by Atria Books. The trio now are in their third year of touring nationally. According to the group’s website, this year’s tour, wellRED: From Dixie With Love​, is about celebrating everything great about the South and telling stories from a place of love.

Crowder’s series of “Liberal Redneck” viral videos have had over 115 million views on Facebook and YouTube. Crowder is also a regular video contributor in partnership with ATTN: and formerly, The New York Daily News. The comedy trio also co-host the wellRED podcast, recorded on the road, which has reached over 1.5 million downloads internationally.

This marks the second sale to ABC for Fleischer’s The District via the company’s ABC Studios deal. He also has comedy What If? starring and written by Jack Cutmore-Scott. Fleischer serves as an executive producer and directed the pilot for NBC’s Superstore. The Venom and Zombieland helmer is next set to direct Zombieland 2. 

Reich most recent served as executive producer on All About the Washingtons.


Adam Sandler Returns to Netflix Next Month With 100% Fresh Comedy Special

09/24/2018 11:18:35 AM

Adam Sandler Returns to Netflix Next Month With 100% Fresh Comedy Special

By  (


Netflix just dropped some news about a very big comedy special premiering next month from the one and only Adam Sandler. Titled 100% Fresh (Sandler’s most recent Netflix movie The Week Of, for the record, currently has a 23 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating), it was filmed in Austin earlier this year and marks the SNL alum’s first special in over 20 years. Longtime Sandler collaborator Steven Brill (Little Nicky, Sandy Wexler) directed, while Paul Thomas Anderson filmed a portion of Sandler’s stand-up for the special. 100% Fresh makes its Netflix debut on Tuesday, October 23 — check out the new teaser above.


Brian Regan, Billy Gardell, Robert Kelly and more to perform at Denis Leary’s Comics Come Home 2018

08/22/2018 08:46:54 AM

Brian Regan, Billy Gardell, Robert Kelly and more to perform at Denis Leary’s Comics Come Home 2018

Comics Come Home 2018

It’s about that time again, time to focus on traveling to Boston in November. Denis Leary just announced the 2018 lineup for his annual stand-up comedy benefit show, Comics Come Home. For more than two decades (.24 years) Leary has held a homecoming-type of event in Boston and invited some of the best comedians in the business to perform at the event to raise money for the Cam Neeley Foundation. This year’s lineup promises to be just as great as years past as comedians Lenny Clarke, Billy Gardell, Christine Hurley, Robert Kelly, Jessica Kirson, and Brian Regan are all scheduled to perform. Like we said, killer lineup.

Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, August 15th and you can purchase them here.


NBC & The Comedy Zone are looking for the next Comedy Star!

07/19/2018 11:25:03 AM


Image may contain: text

StandUp NBC is a nationwide search for stand-up comedians of diverse backgrounds, which started in 2003. This initiative allows comedians from across the country to showcase for key players at NBCUniversal and throughout the industry. Top recipient(s) are offered an NBC Talent Holding Deal, meetings with NBCUniversal Casting execs and an invitation to showcase at NACA for the opportunity to tour the US college circuit. Success stories include:  Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show), Hannibal Buress (Broad City, 30 Rock, Neighbors, SNL), Lil Rel Howery (Get Out, Carmichael Show), Ron Funches (Powerless, Undateable), Tone Bell (Bad Judge, People are Talking), Ian Edwards (SNL), Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder, Mr. Robinson), Eric Andre (Two Broke Girls, Man Seeking Woman),  Deon Cole (Conan, Black-ish) and many more.

Regional Open Call Audition - Saturday 7/28

In these four cities, Vegas, Charlotte, New York, and Houston, we will hold an Open Call. Auditions commence promptly at 9AM. Only the first 100-125 comics who arrive will be seen. Comics will have one minute to perform at the initial audition. A handful will be invited back to callbacks later in the day to perform a longer 2-3 minute set. From these, the top comics are selected to perform in the regional semi-finalist showcase that weekend.

Semi-Finalist Live Showcase - Sunday 7/29

The regional showcase takes place the Sunday 7/29 at THE COMEDY ZONE - Charlotte, NC. The chosen few are asked to perform approximately 7 minutes of material before a live audience. These semi-finalist shows will not air on NBC, but rather are an opportunity to be showcased for bookers, agents, casting directors, and television executives in consideration for future casting and development opportunities as well as the Los Angeles Finals.

Los Angeles Finalist Showcase - TBD

Approximately 8 StandUp NBC Finalists will be flown to Los Angeles to perform in front of a live audience of agents, casting directors, and television executives. Winner(s) will be offered a Talent Holding Deal with NBCUniversal.


Charlotte specific info...

Excited to have THE COMEDY ZONE host our diversity talent search this summer!
SAT JULY 28th:  Open Call 9-5:30pm
SUN JULY 29th: Semi-Finalist Showcase 7pm (*time is flexible to club’s preference)
NBC flies in executive judges such as the Booker from Jimmy Fallon & SVP of Universal Casting or comedy development heads. 
Come Showcase!


NBC is flying in audition staff, host, closer and NBCUniversal Executive judges. 




Arsenio Hall on his love for Cleveland, standup and the show that made it all begin

06/11/2018 13:16:20 PM

By Felicia Naoum

Arsenio Hall on his love for Cleveland, standup and the show that made it all begin

“Leave grandma and the kids at home.” –Arsenio Hall on his August 4 show at Hard Rock Rocksino/The Comedy Zone Northfield Park

No amount of scintillating Hollywood lights can make Arsenio Hall forget “The Land” he comes from. His pride for his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, is so abundant that it almost swallows the Hollywood sign. No disrespect to the land of the stars, it’s just that Arsenio Hall comes from a different “land.”

There’s no doubt he’s comical. If you’ve followed him from the beginning, you know that’s a given. You will catch a few laughs throughout the interview. You will catch raw honesty, too. Arsenio admits to ditching his father’s dream of wanting him to become a pastor as well as touches on his departure from the show that catapulted this Clevelander to fame — The Arsenio Hall Show.

But more than funny, he’s passionate about all things Cleveland, especially the 44105 zip, the Cavaliers (way before LeBron brought home the Championship), his career, and his ability to get up and keep going. Now in his 60s, the famous talk-show host and comedian is feeling stronger than ever. Setbacks don’t set Arsenio back. Instead, setbacks arm Arsenio with what he calls his two weapons — stand-up and faith. With these, he’s home—both onstage and on Cleveland soil. As Arsenio reminds us of Dorothy’s famous line, “There’s no place like home,” he really is speaking about himself. For Arsenio Hall, there’s no place like Cleveland.

FN: How does it feel to be from Cleveland, Ohio and having made it “big” in the world of Hollywood?
AH: As a kid growing up in Cleveland, I always heard the term “mistake on the lake.” Funny term! I can handle a little self-deprecating humor. BUT, I love my native Cleveland, and I am proud being ONE of many stars here in Hollywood that rep The Land, and have helped to flip its image for outsiders. In the 90s, I saw video of a guy in another country, with an Arsenio Hall Show t-shirt on barking “woof, woof, woof!” I took the bark international! I’m proud to be from “the most LIT location in the nation.” No longer a “mistake.” It’s a new day. 44105, Holla.

FN: What inspired you to take the entertainment route after college?
AH: My dad was a Baptist preacher. The church was the family business and my dad wanted me to be a pastor, too. I inherited his oratory skills, but not his goodness, morality and ole’ fashion Christian discipline. So I took my Kent State degree, and headed to Hollywood. [Laughs aloud]

FN: I read a quote of yours discussing your struggles with self-confidence and being afraid to fail. How does Arsenio Hall garner his own self-confidence AND how does he handle failure?
AH: I returned to stand up a few years ago after being away from it for 18 years. Nothing is more complex than live stand-up comedy, and I wasn’t sure if the Stella within me could get his groove back. After being away from the mic, my self-confidence had dwindled and the wall of fear grows tall with time. But I love a challenge. I not only got my groove back, but I’m older, smarter and better than ever. Thank goodness. You also asked me “How I handle failure.” Stand-up comedy and prayer. Now I have BOTH of my weapons back.

FN: Take us back to the days of The Arsenio Hall Show. Do you miss those days? In your opinion, what element made the show last as long as it did?
AH: When you work night and day on the future, you never miss the past. I got late-night out of my system now. Nothing in life is greater than the gift and blessing of timing. I was placed into that show to give a voice and spotlight to artists who didn’t have one back in the day, but needed one, and deserved one. When the timing is right, life and comedy is magical!

FN: How did the cancellation of The Arsenio Hall Show affect you?
AH: The original show in the 90s was a vehicle I resigned from with a letter to Kerry McCluggage at Paramount. The CBS reboot more recently lasted a season — was picked up after the first season — then canceled weeks later over creative differences. In that more recent situation, everything happens for a reason. And the cancellation got my lazy, pampered ass back on stage.

FN: Some may call you a trailblazer for talk shows that followed, do you see yourself as one who set the stage early on?
AH: I don’t feel like a trailblazer. The people that I idolized as a kid growing up were true trailblazers. Sammy Davis, Jr. told me he jumped in a Vegas pool, and because he was black, THEY DRAINED THE POOL. That’s blazing!

FN: What can fans expect at your upcoming show at the Hard Rock Rocksino?
AH: When I come on stage, I don’t even know what to expect. That’s why I love it. They probably should expect to laugh their asses off about shit I could NEVER discuss on network TV. Leave grandma and the kids at home.

FN: How does it feel to be performing so close to home?
AH: Dave Chappelle and I came to Cleveland, as a surprise recently with Chris Rock (Total Blackout Tour). It was the best night ever. I’ve never received that kind of love, or heard that magnitude of laughter anywhere! “There is no place like home!” #Dorothy

FN: As a native Clevelander, how excited are you about them Cavs?
AH: You don’t have enough time and space to tell people how excited I am about the CAVS these days. I’ve been a fan since 1970! Coach Fitch, Thurman, Chones, Snyder, Bingo, Austin, and the old Cleveland Arena on Euclid. I’m proud. It was a long wait.

We’re proud, too…to have Arsenio Hall home at Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park August 4. Buy Tickets Here!


BPA Announces Queen City Comedy Experience

06/11/2018 11:14:48 AM



For less than $50, Charlotte comedy fans can enjoy a whole weekend of laughs courtesy of some of America's hottest comedians plus Charlotte's own comedic talent at The Queen City Comedy Experience Sept. 27 - 29 at Spirit Square.

Co-produced by Queen City Comedy, The Comedy Zone and Blumenthal Performing Arts, this one-of-a-kind event will highlight several dozen local and national acts from a wide variety of comedy genres. Fans can enjoy everything from the mainstage national acts to late night standup to comedy workshops for less than $50 with a Queen City Comedy Experience pass. The pass will admit buyers to every single show and experience at the festival.

Festival headliners include SNL alum Jay Pharoah and YouTube sensation Randy Rainbow, known for his spliced celebrity interviews and politically-inspired musical parodies. Comic Brian Regan, dubbed "the funniest stand-up alive" by Vanity Fair magazine, will also perform that weekend at Belk Theater.

"If it's comedy, we'll have it there," says event co-creator Cale Evans, a frequent local improv performer with groups like Now are the Foxes and Charlotte Comedy Theater. All in all, we're talking more than 25 hilarious shows, in three days, on four stages featuring the funniest performers in improv, sketch, stand-up and more!

Much of The Queen City Comedy Experience's focus will be on local acts, like the popular sketch comedy group Robot Johnson and the long-running Improv Charlotte. Another highlight will be a reunion of one of Charlotte's favorite sketch comedy teams, The Perch.

Spirit Square will be buzzing with comedy acts, free happy hour stand up shows, buskers, magicians, musical groups, comedic films, a live-taping of The Comedy Zone podcast, plus chances for budding performers of all ages to get some hands-on comedy experience. Two art galleries within Spirit Square will be transformed into mini clubs to add additional performance spaces to accommodate the large variety of offerings.

"We're also going to offer workshops that are both for seasoned professionals and performers and people who are new-who want to try improv or stand up for the first time," says Evans. These will be led by local artists as well as visiting performers from New York, Chicago and LA.

$50 Queen City Comedy Experience passes are on sale now! The pass includes seats for both Jay Pharoah and Randy Rainbow at McGlohon Theater, plus General Admission access to all the gallery and Duke Energy Theater shows.

If you're expecting the jokes your dad cracks on every family trip, buckle up. This is going to be one wild ride!

For a complete show lineup and details on how to purchase tickets, visit: or call our box office at (704)372-1000.



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