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The Comedy Zone / Duck's Jacksonville, NC

By Joel Pace

The Comedy Zone / Comedy Zone Worldwide

The Comedy Zone at Duck’s Grille and Bar

Philly Plowden and Eric Grady performed Friday night at Duck’s Grille and Bar, and they had the audience on fire. Crackin’ jokes about life’s little shenanigans and other mishaps, they created a booming atmosphere jubilant with laughs, hollers and hilarious cries.

The preliminaries began with dinner served. An hour after, entertainers Plowden and Grady freshened the air with some witty jokes. Topics included women’s hair, traffic violations, dipped Oreo-cookies and Irish leprechauns. Grady mesmerized the crowd with skilled dance moves and his impressive impersonations as the inflatable arm man (as seen at car dealerships). He mocked the "twerking" dance, and as "the world’s tallest comedian" standing at 6’9", it was definitely a hysterical sight to see.

After Grady’s performance, Plowden dazzled the crowd with puns and smooth vocals. He even sang Whitney Houston’s classic, "I Will Always Love You," and switched-up from soul to country music genres.

After the show, participants met the performers and snapped pictures with the two comedians.

Although they performed on the same stage, each comedian has their own unique story.

For Philly Plowden, the "pursuit for comedy" began during childhood.

Plowden was raised in Orlando, Florida.

"I grew up with a comical family. There were plenty of funny moments, it was part of my lifestyle," said Plowden. His mother was his main encouragement. He did not win class-clown, however, during school he was occasionally chastised for his outlandish behavior. Plowden also agrees that, "it is important for comedy to be a part of our lives, especially with all the craziness happening in life right now."

The "pursuit for comedy" began for Eric Grady differently. Eric was introverted growing up and during school, he tended to keep to himself.

Eric said, "I watched a show performed by Andy Kaufman. The audience loved him, but I thought to myself the whole time, ‘I’d never want that!’ Being on stage infront of an entire crowd laughing and pointing at you."

When a former girlfriend actually sparked the idea to Eric, encouraging his comical character, he was ready to give it a try.

Eric experienced his first open mic night in Charlotte, with success. In turn, the debut led to more performances, about 10 per year in Charlotte. He has performed in other states including South Carolina and Florida. Eric’s inspirations stem from comedians like George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, as well as his art, with nearly 30 years’ experience as a caricature artist.

In conclusion, "don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things" as stated by late comedian George Carlin.

Simply, don’t be afraid to live free, challenge your comfort zone and laugh (sometimes) at what life has to offer.

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