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The comedy community mourns the sudden passing of comedian Vic Henley

By Joel Pace

Originally posted by Matt with The Laugh Button:

Vic Henley

Comedian Vic Henley passed away April 6, 2020. While reports are sparse right now, what’s known right now is the comedian was hospitalized this weekend after suffering a Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot in the lung). In the days since, many attempts by doctors to improve the comedian’s condition were unsuccessful and at 3:55pm the comedian passed away.

Many know Henley from his years in the stand-up business working the road with many established an emerging comedians all over the nation. A lot of his most recent work came in the world surrounding SiriusXM and radio personalities Opie & Anthony and most recently working on with Opie Radio show/podcast where Henley was a regular with comedian Sherrod Small and celebrity chef, Carl Ruiz (who also passed away earlier this year). In fact once the rumblings of Vic’s death started to rumble. Greg “Opie” Hughes shared an image of Ruiz and Henley with the phrase “no words”.

Henley began his stand-up career in the 80s, starting in Phoenix, AZ with other local comics like David Spade. Henley made his way to NYC in 1985 working clubs around the city honing his “city-billy” brand of comedy about topical pop culture and politics. He’s earn appearances on Comedy Central, VJ work on VH1, late night sets, and appeared on Star Search. He also got to work on Sacha Baron Cohen’s prank movie Bruno and penned a book with Jeff Foxworthy and served as Ron White’s opening act for many years. Almost immediately after news of Henley’s passing, a flood tributes were made to Henley who was beloved by other comedians.


It's hard to come up with words when there is so much loss going on right now...But @VicHenley was a comic and a friend and his family should know that he will be sorely missed by many in the NY comedy scene.

— Dave Attell (@attell) April 7, 2020

For my pal @VicHenley ....

— Tammy Pescatelli (@TammyPescatelli) April 6, 2020

Very sad news about @VicHenley. He was loved and universally respected by other comics. RIP

— Jim Norton (@JimNorton) April 7, 2020

If you have a relationship with a higher being, be it God, Buddha, Allah, etc... please say a prayer for @VicHenley Great dude, Great comic, Great friend

— Tom Cotter (@TomCotterComic) April 6, 2020

No words




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