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The Comedy Zone at Your Venue

Take that empty or slow night at your venue and add laughter!

The Comedy Zone can be one of the most effective promotions to add to your existing nightclub or lounge. We have decades of experience in showing you exactly how to blend the tremendous success of The Comedy Zone into your unique format. Need a crowd earlier in the evening? Would you like to expose a new demographic to your venue? Have a slow night that you would like to turn into a profitable night? The Comedy Zone worldwide is uniquely qualified to show you how to achieve all of these goals. Meet operators in our network who just like you own and operate a successful club but have incorporated The Comedy Zone into their business plan and have enjoyed huge success for five, ten even 20 years.

Here's what they're saying about the Comedy Zone Worldwide service:

..."It took our slowest night to our busiest night!"

..."Our regulars love The Comedy Zone night. And we have mad emany new regulars from it!"

..."The Comedy Zone not only packs its night.... but It has increased business on our other nights withh the new customers!"

..."We are now the place to be every Wednesday night in town!  Thanks Comedy Zone!"
..."We started as a Friday night once a month comedy show.  Now we are Friday & Saturday weekly!  Man people love to laugh and The Comedy Zone brings the best comedians!"




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"We had an AMAZING time!! It was exactly what we needed to get the weekend started. We will definitely be going back again and again. We love The Comedy Zone!"


The Comedy Zone has grown to become the largest comedy club network in America with over 3000 contracted comedians for 100+ venues.