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Mehran Khaghani

Mehran Khaghani is a standup comedian, emcee, actor, event producer, upstart, social advocate, serial yeller, trouble-maker, love-spreader, line-pusher and brain to be reckoned with who is currently living in the Boston area. Remarkably gay and of Iranian descent, Mehran has a well earned reputation as a performer who can make any event a raucous, joyous, memorable success.

He has raved extensively, bartended to the point where he’s burned every imaginable bridge in the restaurant industry and really threw his loved ones for a loop when, for a period of four years, he held a series of rather serious administrative positions at Harvard University. In 2007, he began his career in standup comedy and took to the medium like a fish to water. In his second year in comedy and first year competing, Mehran made the finals of the Boston International Comedy Festival. He has been nominated in the Best Comedian category of the Boston Phoenix’ Best of Boston poll every year since 2010, winning the title his first year. Word on the street is that he was slated to win in 2012, but the damn magazine went out of business. Ain’t that bout a bitch.

He has has worked with global acts such as Maz Jobrani, Eugene Mirman, Amanda Palmer and Tom Green and has no intention of ever stopping to regale the masses with his unique brand of highbrow vulgarity– not until he dies or he makes enough money to fund a private militia. Just like Celine Dion.

Mehran loves you.


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